The Diamond Mine Hitting League

Official Rules



1)                  Teams will consist of 4 team members.  Teams may add a 5th player and his/her score will be scored but not counted toward the overall team score.

2)                  Only players on the original roster can compete in the hitting league unless of injury or illness.  A player then can be added at a pro rated fee.

3)                  If teams have 5 players, the 4 players whose scores will count on that particular night must be designated before the start of the game.

4)                  Teams will play 7 inning games with each team receiving 6 swings per inning.

5)                  In the first inning, players will be allowed two practice swings that will not be scored unless the player decides to count them.

6)                  Playerís scores will be based on where the ball is hit.  Scoring areas attached to the batting tunnels will determine the different point values.

7)                  If teams tie, then the game will continue until a winner is decided.  However, only 7 innings will be used to determine overall and individual statistics.

8)                  If a team or a player cannot participate on their given night, they may contact The Diamond Mine officials and make up their game on a set night that is mutually agreed upon.  This must take place before the teamís next official game.  If not, then the team will receive no points for that game.

9)                  Seeding for the playoffs will not be based on record.  Seeding will be based on overall points / team batting average.

10)              The MVP will be determined by the individuals overall points and batting average.

11)              Players will be allowed use of all of the facility only on nights that the team is participating in unless they are a Diamond Mine member or have paid the daily fee of $10.00.  Players may come before their game and stay after and work out if they decide.

12)              There will not be any unsportsmanlike conduct tolerated. 

13)              At the end of the playoffs, the first place and second place teams will receive plagues along with the MVP.

14)              Swinging the bat or any drills will only take place in cages or T and Toss areas.

15)              Have Fun!  The hitting league is a chance to improve your skills and have fun doing it.